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The Fulbright 75 Virtual Art Exhibit was curated in celebration of 75 years of the Fulbright Program. Throughout the program’s history, Fulbrighters in the arts have utilized their grants to deepen their artistic practices through cross-cultural collaboration and the adaptation of novel tools, techniques, and resources.

Each piece included in this exhibit was created during a Fulbright grant, or was inspired by the connections and experiences of our alumni while living, working, and creating within their host community. We hope that these pieces encourage curiosity and desire to cultivate meaningful discourse and build mutual understanding between artists and their communities around the world.

This exhibit was led and curated by Alumni Ambassadors in the 75th Anniversary Legacy Cohort. The Fulbright Program is grateful to all of the alumni who participated in this process.

To learn more about the 75th anniversary celebration of the Fulbright Program, follow the link below.

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